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Discover the island

Amorgos is located at the southeastern tip of the Cyclades. Access is possible by boat or plane, on a daily basis.

The island, with an intense mountain landscape, offers a variety of options to the visitor, who will have the opportunity to wander the alleys of traditional settlements, visit monasteries, churches and chapels, archeological sites, ancient monuments and museums, to dive in the crystal clear blue waters, to taste the local delicacies, to visit art festivals, to get to know the customs and traditions of the place by participating in the traditional festivals and festivals, to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Amorgians, to listen to local stories and legends.

All the above in combination with the modern specifications tourist accommodation in a wide variety of prices and the excellent infrastructure of the island to meet the needs of visitors, with the support of the Municipality of Amorgos, guarantee the best tourist experience.